Our Organic farms.

Bearing in mind, the commitment towards a healthier society, our local farms offer the finest products which are fresh and organically produced. Fruits : Apples, strawberries, sweet melons, watermelons, mangoes, olives, dates, mulberries, chikoos, guavas,pears. Vegetables: All kinds of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli,cauliflowers, kale, spinach, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions cabbage and different kinds of herbs. The certifications that we have are from IFOAM . IFOAM- Organic farming and production has been regulated at EU level since 1991. Today the European requirements for organic production are set by Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 defining the official EU aims, objectives and principles of organic farming and production, and by two implementing regulations (No 889/2008 and No 1235/2008) detailing the organic production, labelling and import rules. All products labelled as organic and sold in the EU must be produce


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