Raw. Local, Organic, All Green Juices.

For all of its well-established health virtues, green juice is still somewhat of a misfit. Do you drink it  with a meal? Is it best consumed before a workout? On an empty stomach? Meal timing has become a hot topic among the health-conscious, who ve  realized that when you eat can be as important as what you eat. And since green  juice can double as a liquid meal or snack, its ideal placement in your daily  menu can be a bit difficult. First choice: On an empty stomach When you take green juice on an  empty stomach, many of the nutrients will be absorbed really rapidly. On the other hand, taking a juice with a meal will delay  absorption, and, ultimately, some nutrients may not be absorbed and will be  consumed by the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Second choice: With a green salad If you do prefer to juice up at  mealtime, pair your glass with a green salad chockfull of vegetables. This allows for the highest alkalinity, which helps with detoxification. Bottom Line: The eas


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