Growing Vegetables in our farms.

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Plum Tomatoes, Beds of Iceberg Lettuce and parsnips planted.

Our farms in Alain

Our farms in Alain

Cucumbers growing in our farms in Alain,  We just could not stop taking a picture of this. I found it very appealing.

kale farm

Varieties of Kale  including flat and curly kale, sway in the morning sun . Crunchy and tasty , They make delicious salads.

Local, Organic farming is still very new  in our country. Yetvictory_garden_carrots we did an amazing job growing a lot of vegetables. To produce the best crop possible, our farms double-dig the planting get Loose, rock-free soil .We, add plenty of mature compost along with sweet sand to increase the quality of compost.We then start sowing the seeds. Most cultivars take 70 to 80 days to mature.  Baby carrots are full of leaves and are light orange in colour.


Pumpkins in our farms are upto  3 kgs . Harvested this winters, they are ripe and firm when we pick them in the morning.


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