Wheatgrass as BEAUTY AID.

The rampant awareness of good health & beauty upkeep, has become a strong reason for more and more people to be reliant on Mother Nature’s greatest gift to Mankind – natural foods offering innumerable health benefits. One such amazing herb is the wheatgrass.

Wheat grass is an indispensable plant valued for its high concentration of nutrients. Just a small amount of wheat grass supplies a high dose of anti-oxidants and other vitamins by bolstering the immune system. Wheatgrass comes in the form of juice, cream, extract, pills and spray. A natural source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, wheatgrass can detoxify the body and enhance hemoglobin production. Apart from curing bronchitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, improve digestion and prevent grey hair, wheatgrass remains a popular health supplement. Wheatgrass juice is perhaps the most powerful and safest healing aid.


Wheat grass has many therapeutic properties since centuries ago. They were cultivated in the home gardens & were highly prized for its valuable usage . Today scientists have researched about wheatgrass as the “green light” for its ability to improve health. It embraces a potent role as an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-aging remedy. The juice, taken regularly as a drink and/or applied to the skin, can really can make a big difference to health, appearance and well-being.

Blemishes and Sunspots

When applied regularly onto the skin it will eventually fade blemishes and sunspots. It stimulates the growth of healthy new skin and ‘tightens’ older skin. Swiftly absorbed by the skin, it leaves it feeling silky smooth and gives it a golden glow. . After extracting the juice (which will be consumed) the pulp can be used directly on the skin.

INSTRUCTIONS-Simply rub it onto the body and leave it on for 20 minutes or so before you take a shower. The pulp and juice contains many excellent anti-radiation and anti-inflammatory properties


The chlorophyll in wheatgrass soothes the pain of a burn along with triggering tissue growth, vastly reducing healing time. Known to reduce pain within hours, wheatgrass helps reduce scar formations.

INSTRUCTIONS Apply first aid to your burn, then immediately apply wheatgrass juice. Cover the burn area with a non-stick dressing. Repeat daily

For treating sunburn- Apply wheatgrass juice to the skin before applying your sunscreen.

Alopecia Aerate is a condition in which hair is lost from the Scalp. It is sometimes called spot baldness.Itcauses round patches and sometimes complete hair loss. Wheatgrass contains those vital vitamins & minerals that stimulate growth activity, creating an environment for dormant hair follicles to reactivate.

INSTRUCTIONS-Apply wheatgrass cream or juice two times a day. A positive effect can be experienced in two to three months.


Eczema causes itchy and scaly rashes. Wheatgrass softens to skin around the fissure to allow more movement of stiff tissue and reduce pain

INSTRUCTIONS-Use wheat grass spray two to three times a day. Is better to avoid other creams for eczema as they can produce allergic reactions

Ingrown Toenail

Wheatgrass can take away the redness, pain and swelling that accompanies an ingrown toenail in just a few days.

INSTRUCTIONS- Apply wheatgrass juice, cream or spray to the area and cover with a light dressing once a day.

Removal of skin lesions

Smear small amount of wheatgrass over base e.g. cyst, or on a sutured skin. Cover firmly with non-stick dressing. Re-dress daily.

Mosquito/ insect bites & stings

Apply immediately to affected area .Can ease pain & reduce inflammation . However, a poisonous sting should seek medical attention.

Provides natural protection against fast ageing. How does this affect the skin? The secret of amazing healing powers is the green plant pigment, chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has become a key player in the fight against aging skin. Chlorophyll constitutes 70 percent of the solute in wheatgrass and has been extensively tested for its extraordinary healing powers.


Pour about ½ ounce of wheat grass juice into a small bowl. Dip a piece of cotton, or a mask brush, into the wheat grass and apply a thin layer of wheat grass to the face.

Allow the wheat grass sit on the skin for approximately 20 minutes. Rinse the face with warm water and dry it with the clean towel.

This provides an effective cleansing for any skin type or acne prone skin. It helps in removing the surface dirt without leaving any irritating residue; give freshness & making the skin soft & supple.

Minimizes problems with the teeth and gums. and it can also help whiten your teeth.

Juice the wheat grass until you have at least half a glass. If you plan to use it for your teeth and drink it for the other health benefits, you’ll want a full glass

Swish a mouthful of juice over your teeth for 1 minute.

Swallow the juice or spit it out as you prefer. If you do not want to use the juice as a mouthwash, dip a cotton swab in the juice and apply it directly to your teeth and gums.

Rinse your mouth with water if you prefer.

Growing Wheatgrass at home: If you’re more ambitious, you can easily grow your own wheatgrass and then juice it yourself, but this requires some investment of your time

It is economical and hygienic to grow and juice the wheatgrass at home.

Plastic basins, clay pots or trays which are about 6″ – 8″ in diameter and 3″ high are perfect for growing wheatgrass. First fill up 2 ½” of the basin with the soil.

For planting, clean and wash the wheat grains and soak them overnight in water. Spread the soaked grains in the pot filled with soil the next day. Sprinkle a thin layer of soil to cover the grains.

Darkness helps the grains to sprout quickly. So it is advisable to cover the pot with any newspaper or cloth and place it on a balcony. Remember to spray the grains daily with some water till the green leaves sprout up. Keep covering the pots with the newspaper till then. Later stop covering the pots.

Water the plants lightly but adequately depending on the season and on whether the pots have drainage holes or not.

In a week from the sowing the grass will be about 8″ tall. Cut it with clean scissors about ½ “above the soil surface. This harvested wheatgrass is ready to be juiced. The grass will grow back in a week’s time. After the second harvest crush all the roots and mix with the soil. The soil is ready for a fresh sowing.

FACT FILE-Health the yoga way.

The science of yoga is vast and focuses on achieving a union with the divine. It does not represent any religion; it is a system that helps everyone whether child or old , to achieve their full potential & a heightened consciousness. In other words it means to unite or to harmonize the mind & body functions.

The purpose of living is to strive hard for happiness & wellbeing. Due to poor fund of knowledge we choose quick fixes which results in destruction than good! This calls to reinstate the ethnic healthy options. Yoga is a system of health maintenance that is long lasting & nurtures a sense of fulfillment & happiness. By embarking a consistent practice of yoga can help to enhance youthfulness of the body & train the body to adapt the right practice of eating natural foods.


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