Colour your grey hair naturally.


Gray hair is the ultimate sign of ageing. Its hard to lie about your age once your hair starts graying,Chemical dye Companies are raking in profits with millions of women over 40 using dyes to postpone the graying. Yet, it is an undefeated battle. .

The pigmentation in our hair is due to the quality of our blood and the strength of the kidneys. Gray hair is an indication that one needs to boost their  blood and kidney system with foods that are high in chlorophyll.

Regular consumption of the young Wheat  grass  can recolor your  grays so that you can enjoy your lush, natural colour well into your senior years. And it doesn’t just stop at the gray. Wheatgrass will slow down the  entire aging process by rejuvenating your cells, detoxifying your body, fighting tumors and tightening loose and sagging skin

Chlorophyll is naturally produced by plants as they photosynthesize during daylight hours and is actually what makes plants green. Wheatgrass is a very concentrated source of chlorophyll. It also contains a rich cocktail of amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Wheatgrass is made up of 70% chlorophyll. It comes  from the wheat plant triticum aestivum and helps  restore the health of your kidneys and blood.

Chlorophyll helps to strengthen, build and oxygenate the blood. It is remarkably similar to hemoglobin, a compound that carries oxygen to the blood. Once consumed, chlorophyll is transformed into blood. It then transports nutrients, such as oxygen, to your cells, tissues and organs, rejuvenating, protecting and strengthening. Those on low blood count are often advised to consume fresh and Organic Wheatgrass Juice. Simply Soaking in a bath of chlorophyll can double the red blood cell count in a few days.

Those who need rapid blood building are often advised to consume wheatgrass juice. Some health practitioners claim that simply soaking in a bath of chlorophyll can double the red blood cell count in just a few days.

Wheatgrass in larger doses acts as a detoxifier, cleansing the liver and kidneys and eliminating toxins and metals including cadmium, nicotine and mercury. Those looking for a natural cleanser and blood booster to improve and restore the health and color of their hair should certainly consider adding wheatgrass to their daily diet.

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Wheat grass Juicing Fresh Box


Meenaxy Vashishtha.




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